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Full Sea View Hight Class Exclusive Aparments in Ataköy

841,400 $
My 8301, Ataköy,

Property Description

Full Sea View Hight Class Exclusive Aparments İn Ataköy

The Dawn of Magnificence…
Our story begins by understanding the difference of living in Istanbul and living with Istanbul. The sea is why Istanbul has such a magnificent history and inherent tranquility that make this a favorite megacity of the world, where you can find anything your heart desires… Where thoughts and dreams have combined into a deluxe residential project directly on the seafront in Atakoy, one of the best and central districts of Istanbul. SeaPearl Atakoy has raised the standard of living in Istanbul to the summit of excellence, where the most prestigious persons are found.


A magnificent sea, and SeaPearl Ataköy, its most precious jewel.
A deluxe life offering the unique beauty of the sparkling sea in all tones of blue, where dolphins swim under the stars at sunset and sunrise, like the most valuable pearls…in touch with the sea, in the most magnificent city of the world!


Fascinating architecture…
Ataköy reflects its passion for luxury in its architecture as well. The spirit of the sea and waves are reflected in the external architecture. Splendid views and stunning gardens provide an unparalleled prestigious lifestyle. With stunning views, exquisite quality of materials and design, our project is like no other and only for those individuals who are accustomed to the best standards.
4 residential buildings mimic the blending of the colors of the horizon starting with earth tones on the lower floors changing to grey and flowing to blue towards the top floors. On its façade facing Ataköy, modernized Seljuki motifs add a genuine mood to the magnificent entrances designed with 1st class materials.
For those seeking ultimate aesthetic excellence down to the finest details, your home is ready for you at SeaPearl Ataköy.


Your private garden and sea…
At Ataköy, each living space provides uninterrupted and spectacular views of the Marmara Sea. While your wooden deck, natural turf and broad terrace stimulate your sense of smell, the unique 24 hour sea views will stimulate your sense of sight while you sun bath on your terrace.


A beauty worthy of palaces…
The fascinating baroque gardens, inspired by Ottoman and French palatial architecture, will make you feel like a sultan. This area of 33,000 m2 will crown your emotionally with its unique touches of past and present. With no vehicle entry, the gardens offer direct access to the 1.2km costal band. With its rich natural diversity, similar to the botanical gardens of Europe, aerated lagoon and the timeless Pearl Island, SeaPearl Atakoy displays the same beauty worthy of a palace.


A prestigious life…
In Ataköy, one of the most luxurious hotels of the world is situated right beside you. Having a matchless lobby space through which water passes, the hotel offers you an extraordinary atmosphere with its architectural design.
It adds comfort and prestige to your privileged life with its sports hall, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna and SPA with high level facilities from which you can

benefit as its special guest at any time. You can follow the latest fashion trends closely with world-famous brands whose stores are situated in the hotel, live your style freely. In its 1st class restaurant, you can add new tastes to your palate with unique tastes from world cuisines created by skilled cooks.


Excellent living spaces appealing to your gusto…
Imagine a living space making you fee the privilege with excellent details to grace and nobility in each sqare centimeter… Spaces decorated with the best brands of the world, appealing to your gusto with their simplicities and luxuries.
Excellence accompanies your prestigious lifestyle at SeaPearl Ataköy consisting of the harmonious combination of the high standards you deserve.




Apart Unit Type

m ²  Interval Price Interval (VAT INCLUDED)
Min. Max. Min. Max.





88,75 m ²


96,42 m ²


841.493,40 USD


1.042.879,28 USD






98,53 m ²


104,64 m ²


894.998,14 USD


1.072.689,62 USD






105,93 m ²


119,17 m ²


962.255,78 USD


1.252.801,28 USD






118,88 m ²


120.58 m ²


1.136.979,56 USD


1.203.860,78 USD






129,97 m ²


155,73 m ²


1.227.668,46 USD


1.773.431,44 USD






117,74 m ²


133,35 m ²


1.290.062,14 USD


1.739.872,24 USD









168,47 m ²



176,79 m ²



1.418.339,94 USD



1.780.348,60 USD






174,16 m ²


175,19 m ²


1.617.348,12 USD


1.682.041,62 USD






171,57 m ²


207,29 m ²


1.902.045,54 USD


2.717.524,66 USD









193,21 m ²



202,05 m ²



2.132.040,52 USD



2.605.983,98 USD









274,88 m ²



2.995.735,62 USD



3.085.607,96 USD


3,5+1 DBLX




235,70 m ²


241,91 m ²


2.671.883,44 USD


2.922.697,16 USD






237,74 m ²


243,69 m ²


2.448.900,02 USD


2.636.505,86 USD






248,27 m ²


289,27 m ²


2.616.111,92 USD


3.647.333,98 USD






274,76 m ²


281,39 m ²


2.923.858,28 USD


3.098.351,96 USD









363,45 m ²



398,91 m ²



4.177.884,40 USD



5.412.449,96 USD









272,84 m ²



282,34 m ²



2.953.591,92 USD



3.712.573,82 USD

Property Details

  • Property Size: 88 M2
  • Rooms: 2
  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1

Year Built: 2016

Garden: Communal

Pool: Communal

Furniture: No

Balcony: Yes

Floor: 1-20

Parking: Parking Garage

Heating: Central heating

View: Sea

Property ID: My 8301

Property Features

yesShower Cabin
yesSteel Door
yesTile Floors

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